Sunday, February 27, 2011

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For the past year, I have been semi-serious about collecting cameras - toy cameras in particular.  I have had my share of missteps with them, of course.  My first 35mm roll with the Disderi Robot Camera turned out 5 out of 36 shots, and the second one had nothing at all.  With my Instax Mini, I had several overexposed shots.  And with the Digital Harinezumi 2++, there were several times when I would accidentally delete everything because I would press the ok button too hard.  People who know me personally would know how easily I get frustrated with stuff, so it's quite surprising how I never gave up on these cameras.  Quite happy now that I didn't.  I mean, look at these:
a random temple in Bangkok taken with the Disderi Robot Camera

a row of golden buddhas in Bangkok, taken with the Instax Mini

stuck from kannika p. on Vimeo.

For the next few months, I will be using these cameras more - which means I will have to go out more and DO things.  Also, I am contemplating between buying an Ansco Pix Panorama or a Diana Mini, and also buying a 35mm adapter for my old Holga 120mm, which I haven't used as much because 120mm is wonderful but expensive and hard to find.

There are 2 things I hope to achieve with this: 1. I would like to pursue something fun and something I'm passionate about, and 2.  I would like to do something that would require me not to take myself too seriously.    Whether I achieve these or not remains to be seen, but whatever, right?  To borrow from the now famous lomography society, 'Don't think.  Just shoot.'