Monday, October 24, 2011

the Golden Half Telepathy shots by Mac Centeno

Here's my new toy acquisition, a Golden Half!  I've been dreaming of getting one for months now, so when I saw this one, a second-hand but almost new Telepathy Golden Half with a Holga mini flash, I just had to succumb.  First of  all, it was already heavily discounted for something that's been used only once, and second, I just really need a new toy camera to cheer me up. :)

I still need to finish the first test roll. And I also still need to figure out how to use the external flash. ALSO, if the big trip pushes through (no words on this yet; I don't want to jinx it) I will be putting this camera and the Fat Lens to good use. I'm really excited to beat my record for the number of cameras I bring with me on a trip (on my trip to Bangkok, I brought a. Instax b. Zumi c. Disderi Robot Cam and d. a Nikon D40, and yes, I used all of them :P).  This time, I have 3 additional cameras, so the dilemma is whether to bring all 7, or just choose. I'm not a rational travel packer (or whatever), so I might actually end up bringing all of them just to be sure no one (yes, I'm using anthropomorphism on them ; I mean, I NAME them) feels left out. Heh.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Well, here's my third roll using the Superheadz Fat Lens. I've just been too busy with work, haven't been out much lately.  I will also include one shot from the LomoMatrix shindig, which is still in the works in the hands of the cool people at Shutter Revolution.

Thanks to Sephy for sending my photos to me.

this was one of the LomoMatrix shots I did

Hoping to get out more and take more photos of interesting things. LOL #nolifeatall