Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wanderland 2013
Lying on the grass waiting for something to happen

We brought a ton of stuff, like a bunch of paranoid hippies

Wow, it's been months since our last post here. I think my last post was a half-hearted attempt at reviving my waning interest in cameras.  That was at a pretty low point in my life, and cameras were the least of my concerns, but let's not talk about that here. :P       
Okay, so where was I?  Yes. Here we go.  I'm back in the game, to borrow an outdated phrase. Last weekend, my friend, Arianne, and I went to this music festival called Wanderland.  I'm not into the scene, whatever that means, as I'm pretty much an outsider anywhere I go (due to the fact that I make even the coolest stuff uncool), but it was great, despite the proliferation of flower hairbands and questionable outfit choices.  It was a sunny, sunny day, so I whipped out my cameras for some fun.  I used my Instax Mini and my Superheadz Fat Lens.  This post is dedicated to the Instax Mini shots. I have yet to develop the Superheadz shots. I'm busy, you know. :P

More photos below!