Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pahiyas 2011, Lucban, Quezon
I finally got around to using my Superheadz Fat Lens during the Pahiyas Festival.  I used an expired 400ISO DNP film, and I realized I shouldn't have because I wasn't able to achieve that ultra-saturated blue sky that I was hoping for. Nevertheless, I still love the camera because, guess what?  All 36 shots came out!  First time that's ever happened to me with a toy camera. So I guess that makes me an official Superheadz fan.

Pretty lucky I got to sample the camera before the rainy season started because it's been pouring nonstop for days here.

EDIT: By the way, here's a photo of my sister taking a picture of me with my Nikon D40 - -

 Then below, a photo of me taking the photo above with my Superheadz Fat Lens. :)

All the photos below are exclusively taken with the Fat Lens. I should really think of a name. :P
my sister, Mikee
I asked my sister to take a photo of me :)
Pahiyas crowd
More photos of my family, the crowd, and Pahiyas

Mama and Zacky, my baby nephew

Lola, Mama, and Zacky 


Kuya Martin and Daddy

My cousin, April

random church we passed by

More photos taken with the camera can be found here (I mean, if you're really bored :P)