Monday, October 24, 2011

the Golden Half Telepathy shots by Mac Centeno

Here's my new toy acquisition, a Golden Half!  I've been dreaming of getting one for months now, so when I saw this one, a second-hand but almost new Telepathy Golden Half with a Holga mini flash, I just had to succumb.  First of  all, it was already heavily discounted for something that's been used only once, and second, I just really need a new toy camera to cheer me up. :)

I still need to finish the first test roll. And I also still need to figure out how to use the external flash. ALSO, if the big trip pushes through (no words on this yet; I don't want to jinx it) I will be putting this camera and the Fat Lens to good use. I'm really excited to beat my record for the number of cameras I bring with me on a trip (on my trip to Bangkok, I brought a. Instax b. Zumi c. Disderi Robot Cam and d. a Nikon D40, and yes, I used all of them :P).  This time, I have 3 additional cameras, so the dilemma is whether to bring all 7, or just choose. I'm not a rational travel packer (or whatever), so I might actually end up bringing all of them just to be sure no one (yes, I'm using anthropomorphism on them ; I mean, I NAME them) feels left out. Heh.


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