Wednesday, September 26, 2012

in front of Chungking Mansions
My friend, Arianne, and I went to Hong Kong.  I took a few crappy photos.  And in between those, there were a few cute ones.

along Nathan Road, aboard a double-decker bus
More photos below
Mido Cafe - like stepping into a Wong Kar Wai film set

view from the Midlevels 
Hong Kong Disneyland getting ready for the Halloween

on the road to "the happiest place on Earth" - the accidental leak adds a good touch

the iconic castle

this girl took more than 20 minutes getting her Mido Cafe "photo op" right

Hong Kong skyline viewed from the Hong Kong Museum of History

Light railway station going to Yuen Long where we found the "wife cake"

another view from the Midlevels 
I now no longer believe that all turtles move slow - we found this one on the way to LRT station

the new Toy Story Land!

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