Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ever since I got my Fujifilm Instax Mini last year, I've been thinking of ways to display the photos without actually having to post them on the wall.  I'm not very good with posting things on the wall, see.  Either they come out lopsided, or I would always look at them with a critical eye and want to rip them off the wall.  So, I came up with this:

I have been collecting jars for a few months, and this one was big enough to contain the photos I've managed to amass.  

Jars are also convenient because not only can you store the photos in them, you can use them as frames.  Brilliant, right?  
so if you're tired of seeing this photo -- 

-- you can always replace it with another.:D
To make it look prettier, I put some vintage fabric (given by my friend, Eloisa) over the jar top and tied that sweet ribbon around it.  Pretty, right?

Just a closer look, for good measure.:P
I'm still thinking of ways to display my other processed photos, again, without having to post them on the wall.  Any ideas? :)