Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Pola" via anie.

This was Pola. (yes, I know, creative right?)

I can't quite remember what attracted me to Pola and film photography/lomography in general, especially in today's love for the digital.  But as soon as I laid my hands on her... there were sparks and there was no turning back.

I got Pola from Anie, an etsy seller from Lawrenceville, GA on September 2009, a year after film production was discontinued.  She was a OneStep 600 instant camera, with an automatic focus and a built-in flash.  Aside from the pricey films I used to get from eBay, I had no complaints with Pola.  Easy to use, that she was - just point, shoot, and voila... a fantastic photo right before my eyes!

Pola was the darling of my eyes.  I took her to a some of the most important and memorable days of my life.  With 4 packs of film accompanying us, I took her to the Philippines in December 2009 for my upcoming wedding.  I wanted her with me, to capture moments from my perspective at the wedding.  But sadly on Dec. 18th of 2009, a day before the wedding, I carelessly placed her on a rock basking underneath the sun... only she didn't like that.  She reached her limit and said goodbye.

Some of her memories in her short functioning life with me include:
meeting Filipino music icon (one of my music icons), Ely Buendia

going to the Philippines with me and
meeting, at the time, my husband-to-be

meeting Keifer, husband's rottie, for the first time

engagement photo session, 2 days before our wedding

another engagement shoot, a day before our wedding

...and another one from the same day.

Pola might have had a short life (2 months!) with me, but she'll forever be in my heart. 

PS.  And of course, I wouldn't be able to live without a polaroid camera, and my best friend knew that.  So she and her boyfriend gave me another OneStep 600 I call "Junior".  I'll talk about him soon :)

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