Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I love Carol Lin's flickr photostream, and I'm crushing on her photos lately, most especially the ones taken with the Golden Half camera.  I keep browsing her sets these past few days and I have the urge to click that star on top of the photos everytime.  Here are some I've favorited:



tokyo strangers

[Golden Half1]taipei‧spring love


I think most of these photos were taken in Tokyo, but I do think she's from Taiwan.  I just love almost everything she's shot.  They're all so natural and have a certain energy.  She's also a blogger, which makes me hope I can read Chinese.  Isn't that awesome?  Without the photos, I wouldn't have appreciated her much given the language barrier, but the photos do speak for themselves.  I love that about photography. :)

Edit:  from Carol Lin via flickr mail:
 "I live in Taiwan, just traveling often. Those photos in your entry are not all taken in Tokyo, some are in Taipei."


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