Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I have a question: how do you justify the need to amass toy cameras?
When I started ordering and buying cameras last year, my mother would look at my package with interest, and upon seeing what it was, she would ask, "Camera? Again?" I mean, it's not like I have tons of cameras already, right?
So for a few days already, I have had this inexplicable need to search for bargain cameras on and, and found so many cameras that I wanted to try.  Some of the few that I've bookmarked:

Nikon FM10, found here.  Sorry for the tiny-ass photo

Olympus Pen D, found here.  

Pocket Square Digi , as found here

I know nothing about the two cameras above, but the Pocket Square Digi  has been under my radar for the past year, via Photojojo just a few months after I bought my Digital Harinezumi 2++ (which incidentally came out updated with the Digital Harinezum 3+. DRAT).  Now I'm not sure if buying the Pocket Square Digi would render my beloved zumi redundant, but I really like it. 


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