Friday, March 11, 2011

K and I don't talk about what we will be posting in this blog.  Imagine my surprise when I find that she is also crushing on half-frame cameras like I am!  Yay!  And like her, I have been looking around the world of lomography, in attempt to figure out which is the best buy (and by "best" i mean the one that will suit our own needs and wants).  For a film beginner like me, the more shots you get, the more chances you have to play/practice. 

The most popular half-frame cameras include the Diana Mini F+ and the Golden Half, as discussed by K.  But let me stir the pot and add another contender, the Holga 135 TIM:
the holga 135 TIM via photojojo store

All three cameras have their own pros and cons, so it is vital that you do your research (I find this one extremely helpful) and choose one that suits your needs.  According to my online search, it seems like the Golden Half has a fixed focus - definitely good for beginners like me!  Also, I find my Diana Dreamers really tricky to handle and it looks like Diana mini F+ is no different.

So if you're looking for something in-between that will give you some sort of control, then Holga TIM might do the trick.  It has a "bulb" mode, allows multiple exposure, and 2 lenses that can simutaneously expose! Plus, that cute face... how can one resist? :) 


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