Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hello! It's Vanessa of Mr. & Mrs. H with my first post for the blog.  I am new to the world of lomography; and I have always wanted to document and share my thriumphs and failures with my plastic cameras.  So when Kannika asked me to be part of this blog, I immediately jumped at the chance.

My camera collection, as of now, is rather small.  It includes Polaroid 600 OneStep, the Diana Dreamers, and Lomo LC-A+ (technically, my husband's - but what's his is mine, right? Right.)  And like any lomography fan, my camera wish list is never ending  (warning: it is quite addictive and can get expensive - but so fun!)

Being a beginner, I have had a lot of failures with these cameras - usually, my shots came out underexposed and/or out of focus.  But one must keep trying (and I'm glad I did), because when you get a shot you are happy with, the feeling is priceless.

Sunrise in Bataan, Philippines taken with my Polaroid

Loboc River in Bohol, Philippines taken with Diana.

Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines taken with LC-A+

Like Kannika, my hope is to use my cameras more frequently.  Not only will this allow me to explore my creative side (if I have any), it is also a great stress reliever!

I am excited to share my camera ups and downs with you here, and I hope we find people who share the same passion.  We'd love to hear your camera journeys!

- V. 

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